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Meet Jane Wurwand

Dermalogica began with a focus on education, Jane and her husband Raymond established The International Dermal Institute (IDI) in 1983. Their goal: to elevate the level of education available, and define and bring respect and success to the professional skin therapist.

Jane saw a market was dominated by over-packaged, over-hyped products filled with artificial colors, fragrances and irritants. So in 1986, with just $14,000, Jane transformed her many years of experience into 27 core Dermalogica formulas that would meet The International Dermal Institute’s high standards. 

Dermalogica’s stance on beauty was–and still is-to put skin health first. By elevating the importance of healthy skin, Dermalogica quickly became the world’s go-to brand for exceptional results.

Today, The International Dermal Institute is the premier postgraduate skin and body therapy school worldwide, training 100,000+ skin therapists a year in 90 countries, and Dermalogica is the number one brand used by professional skin therapists worldwide.