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Hair, Skin & Waxing

This page lists our most sought after service offerings.

Additional customizations and services are available in salon. 

Please note, this page is for existing guests. 

New guests start here:

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Lightening services include a gloss/toner. You must add a haircut or blowout to your color service when booking online.

Balayage $125-$175+

This service is for guests that have been receiving Balayage every 8-12 weeks. You can expect to maintain a sun kissed look year round with this service.

Highlights $100-$165+

This is for the guest that highlights their hair every 6-8 weeks with or without a root retouch. You can expect ribbons or streaks of blonde highlights right up to your scalp with this technique. 


Root Retouch $60+

This is for guests that are covering gray, or have been coloring their hair and do not have more than 1" of outgrowth. If it has been over 2 months since your last retouch we may need to add an extra color charge to your service. 

Extra Color $15-$20+

We may need to mix more color if you've gone longer between appointments, if your goal color is an extensive process or if you have thicker and/or longer than average hair.


All haircuts include a shampoo and blow-dry, we do not charge less if you choose to leave with wet hair. We do not have separate pricing for children of any age.

Haircut $60+

 Service includes wash, cut and blow dry. Cut options include a pixie, bob, medium-long length, shags etc.

Extra Time $15-$20+

You may consider booking extra time for your appointment if you know you tend to run late, if you have extra thick or long hair, or if you want a little extra time to talk during the consultation. We may book extra time for you if we find your hair takes longer to process or do  than average.



Brazilian $75
Removes all pubic and rectal hair with a choice to leave a landing strip or triangle. We are not trained to wax male genetalia (penis and scrotum). Male brazilians are not offered. Kiersten does offer to remove most hair in the pelvic and inner groin area, as well as rectal hair.

Bikini $50
1-2 inches on the inner, outer groin, and upper pelvic area.

Full Leg $85
Removes all hair from legs, beginning a few inches away from the bikini line. A bikini is not included with this wax.
Half Leg $65
If hair is being removed from the upper thigh, we will begin just below the knee and go up to a few inches below the bikini line. If hair is being removed from the lower leg, we will begin just above the knee and include the removal of any toe or foot hair. 


Signature Facial $125-$150
Just want to relax? Perfect. Know your skin needs something but you're not sure what that is? We've got you. The signature facial is tried and true and a great option at any point in your skin care journey. This facial is completely customizable, you'll leave feeling relaxed, your skin will be refreshed and we'll have crafted a game plan for your skin that suits your lifestyle.

Peel $125
If you've been seeing us for facials, are following your home care suggestions and are feeling ready for a more advanced treatment, you may be ready for a peel. Peels are able to more aggressively treat hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and even acne. With no down time, you'll leave this express peel and be back to work with people wondering how you got that glow. Discontinue exfoliants one week prior to your peel. Add Hydrojelly-$25.

Dermaplane $150
Do you feel like your skin needs 'the works'? This treatment will remove dead skin and vellus hair revealing fresh radiant skin, then a HydroJelly Mask will infuse your skin with soothing and hydrating skin loving ingredients. Your skin will be brighter, calm and supremely hydrated. New guests please review the Pre Dermaplaning instructions prior to booking.
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What is Reiki?
Reiki is a form of energy healing used to improve your overall wellness. We have naturally occurring energy centers within our body. When too little or too much energy is flowing you may experience physical or emotional symptoms. 

During your treatment you will lay fully clothed on the treatment table.

Your Reiki practitioner will scan your Aura to determine what areas need attention and proceed with your treatment. Your practitioner will lightly lay hands on you while channeling healing energy where it is needed within your body.

You may experience emotional release, a floating or buzzing feeling, you may see colors or have physical sensation. All is welcome and safe in our space.

Reiki can help you move through trauma, release what's no longer serving you, it can help with spiritual growth and it also can help heal physical pain and ailments. 

15 Minute add-on $25
45 Minutes $100
60 Minutes $125
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