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Tuesday/Thursday 9:00-6:00

Wednesday/Friday 9:00-1:30

Saturday 9:00-3:00



I am Kiersten a Wax Technician, Stylist as well as a Master Barber. I have been trained in all areas where our licenses allow us to practice! I am most passionate about full body waxing and haircutting. 


I have been in the industry for 14+ years and I am passionate about getting to know the real you. I want to know everything about you! I will also make sure to educate you on any questions you have about your aftercare so you have the best skin you can have!  As we know everything you do will effect both your hair and skin. I want to know about not just what you want for your hair goals but what your life on a day to day basis is so I can customize your haircut and color to fit you best. Nothing is worse than getting a beautiful cut/color that you are struggling with to keep up or style everyday. I will go over how to style your hair at your appointment and if you need more help with it we can schedule a lesson where you can bring in your tools and I can help you learn how to use them so you get the look you are looking for!

I love educating my clients as much as I love to learn! I promised myself early on in my career to keep up with new trends and techniques. I wanted to be able to service anyone, I want anyone to be able to sit in my chair and feel confident. I decided to go back to school and get my Master Barber license after I got my Cosmetologist license so I can not only do a typical barbering cut but I am able to educate you how to style it. I think it is so important to make everyone feel welcomed and when you are in my chair that is exactly how you will feel!

Although waxing is a quick service I take my time. If you need a second to breathe, you just have to speak up. I have no problem giving you a minute to reset. I pride myself in being as gentle and thorough as I can be with you. 

On my time off I spend time with my man, John (who, lets be honest-is the best), and our little girls!  We are a super low key family who just enjoys being outside, hanging out with each other and our families! 


Arm $65

Back $65

Bikini $65

Brazilian $75

Buttock Cheeks $35

Buttock Cheeks & Crack $60

Chest $65

Chin $15

Eyebrows $25

Face $60

Full Leg $100

Half Leg $75

Lip $15

Neck (back of hairline) $30

Underarms $25




Cut & Style

Haircut $60

Wash & Blowdry $45


Retouch $60

Full Head Solid Color $75

Toner/Gloss $30

Foil $165

Balayage $175


Demineralizing Treatment $20

Miracle Elixir $30


Wed 12-7 | Thurs 10-6
Every Other: Fri 10-3 | Sat 9-2



I’m Kristin Crawford, Stylist and Skin Therapist serving the Rochester area.

As an entrepreneur and a momma of twins, I understand the importance of prioritizing self care. We cannot pour from an empty cup. I’ve designed my salon experience in a way that will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed, uplifted and ready to take on whatever life throws at you.


I’ve been a stylist for 14+ years, my dedication to education is unwavering. The certifications I am most proud of are: American Board Certified Haircolorist, Invisible Bead Extensions® Certified Stylist, Dermalogica Expert, I hold two seperate Dermaplane certifications and I am Reiki II certified. I will continue to invest in my craft, with a focus on energy healing and advanced skin treatments.


While Rochester is full of talented stylists that can offer you consistent work month to month, I can offer you something different. Honesty, and my time. In all of the years I have done color, it is a rare occurrence for me to reuse the exact formula for a toner. Your hair is just a little different every time you come in, as is your skin, as is your life. So we pause, and we chat, and before we move forward with the routine we must decide: is this routine working? 


The same goes for skin, before we jump into our scheduled service, even if you have been a client of mine for years, we’re going to have a consultation. Eating habits change, seasons change, hormones fluctuate, medications change, or your lifestyle may have changed. What was working, might not be anymore, so we slow down, re-evaluate, and then we move forward.


I can promise you’ll never feel rushed in my space, if you are in a rush I am probably not the girl for you.


On my days off you can find me chasing my twin girls Charli & Zoey. In the warmer months I love to hike when time allows, we have so many beautiful state parks in NY, or even just a casual walk on the canal will do. Fresh air and sunshine do my soul good! 


Custom Facial

40 Minutes $100 

55 Minutes $125

70 Minutes $150

Radiant Beginnings Facial $125

Radiance Ritual $150

Essential Radiance $100

15 Minute Massage Add-on $25


20 Minutes $50

30 Minutes $75

45 Minutes $100

60 Minutes $125

Cut & Style

Haircut $60

Wash & Blowdry $50


Demineralizing Treatment $30

Conditioning Treatment $30


Full Head Balayage or Foils

$175 + cut or style

Partial Balayage or Foils

$125 + cut or style

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