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How it all started.

Owners Kristin and Kiersten opened Kris & Kierst in July of 2019 after working at 4 salons together over the course of 10 years. Their biggest motivator has always been creating a space where both employees and guests feel seen, heard and free to be themselves. 
Their experience in the industry has allowed them to gain perspective on the environment they wanted to cultivate for both guests and employees.
What really makes them special is their ability to pivot, adapt and be vulnerable. They’re lifelong students. They’re always open to constructive feedback from guests and employees and will never stop evaluating themselves or the facets of their business. 
They believe that when you stop growing you stop living.

We are open minded. We believe every human that enters our space deserves empathy, compassion and respect. We celebrate your uniqueness. We strive to create a consistent, healing, reliable experience.

We are humbled you choose us to refill your cup so you can continue share your best self with our community and your loved ones.

We believe we have not only the potential but the responsibility to cultivate love, peace and healing in our little corner of the community.

We share the practices such as energy healing, mindfulness, breathwork and anti inflammatory nutrition that have improved our health with our guests because through our own experience we know healthy hair, skin and nails starts with tackling stress, hormonal imbalances, limiting beliefs, inflammation in the body and more. 

We believe true beauty starts within.


Every human who enters our space will be treated with respect, compassion and empathy. All are welcome here.


We encourage authenticity through self expression. All of you is welcome in our space, we don’t adhere to or judge others by societal beauty standards. We celebrate your uniqueness.


Employees and guests have an open mind and heart. We are curious, active listeners with a willingness to see things from another's perspective.


Whether it’s the quality of our work, the personal attention or the snacks we provide, our goal is to always provide you with a consistent customer experience.

Our Mission

We strive to provide an excellent service that you can rely on in a warm inviting space where every piece of you feels welcome.

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