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Let us show you around.


Make a connection.

Get to know us. Stalk us on Instagram, read our google reviews, check out our bios. Take your time choosing your service provider. When you're ready, make your way back here and move on to step two. 


Tell us everything.

Click the button below that corresponds with the service you are looking to book. Each button will take you to a consultation form, fill it out in full and we will respond via email Tuesday-Saturday within business hours. 


Let's Book!

Through our online consultation we will have determined what service(s) are the best fit for you and will guide you through booking  your service(s) online!

Color Packages

With our unique booking experience we'll be on the same page about your service before you even enter our space, and you'll have an idea of what to expect when you get here. Below you will see our color packages, there are examples of what could fall under each package. If you don't feel your goal relates to any of them, don't stress they are just examples, send us your consultation form and we'll take the lead. ​

Color packages are booked for all new guests as well as current guests that:

  • Want to change their current color and require more than routine maintenance.

  • Have not had their hair colored with us in 4+ months.

  • Have not had their hair colored with us in 6+ weeks- bleach retouch.

Grab your BFF and schedule a #selfcare date.👯‍♀️ We love when friends or in this case #si

Package # 1
2.5 hours

  • Going 1-2 shades darker roots to ends.

  • Refreshing grown out roots or faded ends.

  • This service is for solid hair colors rather than dimensional.

  • Excludes bleach retouch.

  • Includes cut or style.


Package #2
3 hours

  • Your goal requires adding darker or lighter pieces throughout your hair to add dimension and you do not need a  root retouch.

  • You're blonde and want to tint your hair darker.

  • Your entire head is blonde and you need your roots retouched. (1 inch of growth or less.) 

  • Solid or near solid hair color and want to add subtle dimension. 

  • Includes cut and/or style.


Package #3
3 hours 15 mins

  • Your goal requires adding darker or lighter pieces throughout your hair to add dimension and you need a root retouch.

  • Your goal look requires more than face framing dimension.

  • You've never colored your hair and your goal is dimensional.  

  • Includes cut and/or style.


Package #4
3 hours 45 mins

  • Your goal requires adding darker or lighter pieces throughout your hair to add dimension and you do need a  root retouch.

  • Any factors from package #3 in addition to needing additional time for color application. 

  • Includes cut and/or style.



Once you've booked your appointment, sit back and relax knowing we are completely prepared for your first visit. We've covered all of the bases before you've even set foot in the door. 

The day of your appointment you will arrive at the salon and park in our parking lot which is located on Gale Terrace. Our salon is positioned on the corner of Gale Terrace and Winton Rd N. If the parking lot is full, there is ample street parking, Gale Terrace is a very quiet side street, or you can easily park in the CVS parking lot just across the street. 

You'll remain in your car until we text or call you to come on in. You'll feel instantly at ease in our friendly space. You and your service provider will review what was covered in your online consultation, and go further in depth on anything you or they need clarification on. They won't move forward with the service until you are on the same page, communication is key, we don't rush, you'll learn this quickly.

Once the magic begins, you'll sit back and enjoy your service, we have seltzer, water, wine, and an assortment of snacks for you to enjoy. Andy Grammer, Spice Girls, or Ariana Grande radio will be on depending on which stylist picked the tunes that day, either way it will be a vibe. 

Throughout your service we will educate you on how to care for your skin, lashes or hair, and what home maintenance will be required. When our time together comes to an end, we'll remind you of our product recommendations for home maintenance, we'll book your next appointment and you'll leave feeling confident, and relaxed.

Package #5
4+ hours

  • Your goal involves any fashion color. (Any shade of the rainbow.)

  • Your goal involves a major transformation, requiring multiple steps in salon. Ex. You want a darker base with added dimension. 

  • Your goal is significantly different from your current color. Ex. Brunette to red, or just a few blonde pieces to bombshell blonde.

  • You want an extreme change and don't want to stretch it over multiple appointments. 

  • You only color your hair 1-2 times a year.

  • Includes a cut and/or style. 

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